Businessmen are constantly quick to further their business and make raids into worldwide business sector for more profitability that is prominent, higher budgetary returns and testing business environment and methodologies. The thought to contribute abroad is to tap the potential universal business sector and to build business in a nation that has a productive workforce and is likewise financially steady.

Brightspark Education Consultants visa services are great and aide the customer well in visa methodology and documentation. Our advisers give all the information relating to different requirements in order to get a Business visa.

We offer service for Business Immigration on following countries:

Denmark Start-up (Entrepreneur) Visa

An entrepreneur with an innovative business idea, which can contribute to growth and new employment in Denmark can be granted a residence and work permit in order to operate an independent company in Denmark.

As a self-employed person you should apply for a residence and work permit under the Start-up Denmark scheme. This scheme can also be used by two persons who wish to establish a company together.

What is Start-up Denmark?

Start-up Denmark is an initiative by the Danish Government to help talented entrepreneurs relocate and grow high-impact startups in Denmark. If accepted, you can get a residence and work permanent for up to 2 years, with the possibility of extending for an additional 3 years.

Why Start-up Denmark?

The presence of foreign entrepreneurs in Denmark creates economic growth, employment, and global startup network connections. Talented entrepreneurs reinvent industries, create jobs, and increase the competitiveness of Denmark, already one of the more agile economies in Europe.

Who is behind Start-up Denmark?

Led by the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth and the Ministry of Employment, Start-up Denmark is a government-wide initiative, combining the fields of business growth with labour recruitment and retention. It is meant as a gateway for talented foreign entrepreneurs to Denmark’s vast startup opportunities, such as accelerators, co-working spaces, investment funds, research centers, as well as grassroots initiatives.

Eligibility for Danish Business Visa

Start-up Denmark only accepts applications from non-EU (European Union) and non-EEA (European Economic Area) residents. Your business must have high growth potential as well as global market scope. The program is for early-stage businesses and can accept up to 2 founders. Businesses such as restaurants, retail shops, small businesses, and import/export enterprise will normally not be considered, as the program is aimed at innovative and scalable business.

Italy Start-up (Entrepreneur) Visa

In an attempt to boost its startup sector, Italy introduced a Start-Up Policy in 2012 that offers non EU-nationals a relatively quick and convenient option to obtain residency in the country. While conventional immigration options impose tough residence and other requirements, especially on non EU-nationals, the Italy Start-Up Policy offers tax benefits and other investment advantages to individuals establishing new enterprises in Italy.

The Policy imposes two primary eligibility requirements:

  • Submission of an innovative business idea for the creation of a startup in Italy, and
  • Investment of not less than 50,000 Euro towards the development of the idea.

Italy Start-Up Visa Policy seeks to attract entrepreneurial talent into the Italian economy, especially towards the startup sector that relies on innovative ideas, new technologies, and an aggressive entrepreneurial approach to generate impressive results.

Italy Start-Up Visa can be obtained by direct application or by applying through an official business incubator.

The direct startup visa application process involves submission of the startup idea to an Evaluation Committee. The committee will assess the plan and determine whether all other requirements under the policy have been met by the applicant. Upon approval, the Committee will issue a Certificate of No Impediment.

The second process involves issue of the Certificate of No Impediment without evaluation provided a certified incubator allows the non EU-national to setup the innovative startup on its premises. The incubator must also issue a formal invitation letter, which will result in issue of the Certificate without detailed evaluation.

Upon issue of the Certificate, verification and authorization by the local police is the final step involved in the issue of Italy Start-Up visa.

After completion of this procedure, the applicant may request permission to enter by demonstrating that he or she has the financial resources, minimum of  50,000 Euro to develop the startup. Further, the applicant must provide proof of residence and possession of health insurance.

An applicant fulfilling these requirements will be granted a residency permit upon his or her arrival to Italy.

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