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Studying in Russia provides you the opportunity to experience the matchless Russian culture, to enjoy Russian generosity, and be enchanted by Russian environment and, of course, get an education based on high unique standards and well-built academic traditions.
There are many big names in Education consultants for Russia available for Pakistani students to assist them regarding studying abroad in Russia.
Mostly programs offered by the Russian universities are conducted in Russian medium. Prospective students, who don’t speak Russian, are firstly admitted to 8-9 month preparatory Course to study the language and to improve the level of knowledge in core subjects. University study (Bachelors, Master, and PhD Programs) starts in September. Preparatory courses are starting within a period September- October. Mostly Admission opens in the August.
Students who wished to study in Russia should made contact with Russian Consultants. They will guide and inform them about their right directions towards Russia.
This page will facilitates you to  find a list Study Abroad Consultants of Russian in Pakistan,who will guide students regarding study abroad opportunities in Russia and Russian Universities admission, fee structure and visa assistance.

How To Apply For Russia Student Visa From Pakistan

Well everyone knows that Russia offers high-quality standards of education in engineering and medical. Russia is a growing economy that offers great growth opportunities for International students. Russia offers need as well as performance-based scholarships to International students. From the past 3 years, students in Pakistan are moving to Russia to get a high-quality education. To help more students, we have gathered data from Pakistani students in Russia and experts to disclose with you the easy way to apply for Russia Student visa from Pakistan.

Why study in Russia?

There are a lot of reasons to study in Russia as an International student.
  • One of the best reasons to choose Russia is that it offers citizenship to All you need to do is to follow a simple procedure to get citizenship. First, you get your TR (Temporary residence) which leads you towards getting PR (Permanent Residence).
  • Living and education standard in Russia is very high. For example, if you spend 4000 GBP in England for education, then you only need to spend 1000 GBP in Russia for one year.
  • The transportation system in Russia is best and affordable for students.
  • Russian Culture is adaptive towards foreigners. People are very friendly and caring.
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